Dentist Trumbull

As I dentist, I bring all of myself to the office and give all of my knowledge, abilities, and attention to each patient. They deserve nothing less. In the years I have practiced dentistry, I have been privileged to meet, care for, and make friends with many remarkable people. Those connections mean a lot to me, as does having the ability to help each person achieve and maintain oral health, function, and a beautiful smile.

~ Dr. Kevin Braun

Dr. Kevin Braun achieved his undergraduate degree in Biology at Fairfield University. He then attended Georgetown School of Dentistry, where he obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 1977.

Dentistry has undergone remarkable advancements in the years since Dr. Braun started practicing. As a result of ongoing research, each year brings changes in diagnostics, methodologies, treatment planning, and procedures.

Through continuing education, Dr. Braun stays at the leading edge of new developments, with a specific interest in sharpening his skills in dental implants, prosthodontics, and aesthetic services. Additionally, Dr. Braun is a member of a dental study group with Nuvance Hospital Dental Clinic and an Associate Attending Inner City Health Care Dental Clinics.

As a dentist, Dr. Braun finds great satisfaction in treating individuals with great dental needs and returning each to health and function. With individual treatment plans, grounded in evidence-based techniques, he ensures each patient receives the high-quality dentistry they deserve, with lasting, beautiful results.

Dr. Braun has spent his life in Newtown, Connecticut. His wife, Phyllis, is a Full Professor of Biology at Fairfield University. He also has two children: son Ryan is an Interventional Radiologist in Sydney, Australia, and daughter Jessica is a Radiation Tech at Middlesex Hospital, as well as an actress and vocalist in local theatres.

Outside the office, Dr. Braun values time with family and friends. He also enjoys landscaping projects around his home and loves to travel, seeking the endless summer.